Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Correcting Image Brightness EV Shift

Correcting Image Brightness EV Shift


Snapshot Tutorial

You can manually adjust an image’s exposure value (EV value) before shooting it.

• Exposure Compensation Range: –2.0 EV to +2.0 EV
• Unit: 1/3EV


In the REC mode, press [SET].


Use [8] and [2] to select the 

 (EV Shift) Control Panel option, and 

then press [SET].


Use [8] and [2] to adjust the exposure compensation value.

• You can also perform this operation using the function ring.


Press [SET].

This applies the exposure compensation value. The exposure compensation 
value you set remains in effect until you change it or turn off the camera (which 
causes it to revert to “0.0”).


• When shooting under very dark or very bright conditions, you may not be able to 

obtain satisfactory results even after performing exposure compensation.

Correcting Image Brightness (EV Shift)

[8], clockwise:
Increases the EV value. A higher EV value is 
best for light-colored subjects and backlit 

[2], counterclockwise:
Decreases the EV value. A lower EV value is 
best for dark-color subjects and for shooting 
outdoors on a clear day.

To cancel exposure compensation, change the EV value to 0.0.

Exposure compensation value