Casio EXILIM EX-FC300S User Guide

Shooting with Full Focus Macro All In Focus Macro

Shooting with Full Focus Macro All In Focus Macro



Full Focus Macro shoots and analyzes a burst of multiple images and combines them 
in a way that produces an image in which everything is in focus: from nearby objects 
to distant objects.


Align the mode dial with [



Press [SET].


Use [8] and [2] to select 

, and then press [SET].


Select “All-In-Focus Macro” and then press [SET].


Press the shutter button to shoot.

• Move the camera as close to the subject as possible, and take care to avoid 

camera movement and subject movement as you shoot.

• After you press the shutter button, the message “Busy... Please wait...” will 

appear on the monitor screen to let you know that shooting is in progress. Do 
not move the camera while this message is displayed. The recording process 
takes some time to complete after the message appears. Image shooting is 
disabled while the message is displayed.


• When shooting with this function, zoom is fixed at wide angle.
• When shooting with this function, the flash setting automatically becomes 


 (Flash Off).

• The desired effect may not be attained if the camera or subject moves during 


• Depending on shooting conditions, image composition, and the subject you are 

shooting, this BEST SHOT scene may not be able to produce the desired result.

• The message “Image merging failed.” will appear if the All-In-Focus Macro process 

cannot be performed for some reason. The images shot by the camera will be 
saved even if they cannot be merged.

Shooting with Full Focus Macro (All-In-Focus Macro)

Program Auto image

All-In-Focus Macro